The Carpenter

What’s more manly than tools? The man power behind the tools. The Carpenter celebrates the man who enjoys using a hammer, a screwdriver, a saw, or any other tool that makes you grow hair on your chest.


The Grease Monkey

This piece of Man Art is dedicated to those who enjoy being under the hood of a car.  The Grease Monkey was made with real grease, real oil, real engine dust and of course, real manly labor.

Scrabble Love

When is the last time you played Scrabble, cards, or some sort of board game with your family or spouse?  It’s time to dust ‘em off.

Board games are a great change of pace from one’s usual technology-induced routine. They welcome much more valued interaction than the TV, computer or cell phone. So turn off the tube tonight and give your wife some Scrabble Love.

Word Love

What qualities do you love about your wife?  Create a word cloud at by listing the qualities, characteristics, and adjectives that describe her. It’s time to show some word love.

Breakfast Love


If you’re somewhat deficient in the culinary arts, try something simple. Score some points early in the day by making your wife breakfast. For bonus points, try heart-shaped eggs, waffles or toast with jelly.